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    or where your water goes once it's down the drain?
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    The best way to ensure that you are getting the highest
    quality water available is to educate yourself.
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    learn more about how water works.

Help for Hurricane Matthew Victims

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As we've all been reading in the news, Hurricane Matthew has wreaked havoc across the Caribbean and Southeastern United States.
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Happy anniversary to the Clean Water Act

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October 18 marks the 44th anniversary of the Clean Water Act.
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Water Treatment and the Olympics

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Here's a story about water and the Rio Olympics that is actually inspiring!
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The Plain Talk Series - #51

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The Plain Talk Series - #51
Today's question: What information should I look for in the water quality report from my supplier?
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National Coffee Day!

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September 29 is National Coffee Day.
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Tomorrow is "Imagine a Day Without Water"

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Tomorrow is
Tomorrow, September 15, marks the second annual “Imagine a Day Without Water”.
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It's National Preparedness Month

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National Preparedness Month is a time to concentrate on preparing yourself and your family in case of a disaster or emergency.
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It's World Water Week

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World Water Week is an annual conference in Stockholm, Sweden that brings people engaged in water issues together.
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Underneath New York City's streets

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In a fascinating New York Times article, the detailed work that goes into maintaining New York City's underground infrastructure for electricity, telecommunications, drinking water, steam, natural gas and wastewater is described.
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It's still National Water Quality Month

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Just a reminder that it's still National Water Quality Month.
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